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Our Story

The history of Real Canadian Recreation property and the veteran behind it.

Sgt (Ret) Tyson Bowen

Tyson joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2005 during grade 12 school year with the 1st Battalion, Nova Scotia Highlanders in Pictou N.S. Upon completion of training Tyson volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan for sometime in 2007.

Having been selected, he deployed to Afghanistan as part of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group with India Company, 7 Platoon, Alpha Section. Tyson completed his first tour of duty in September of 2007 having spent almost 8 months in Afghanistan.

When he returned, he completed a component transfer to the Regular Forces to rejoin comrades based at 5 Division Support Base Gagetown with the 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment. Tyson went on to deploy a second time in 2010 with the 2nd Battalion to Afghanistan from April to November 2010 having completed a combined total of 435 days in Afghanistan.

Tyson was diagnosed with PTSD in 2015 and was medically released from the Canadian Armed Forces in November 2018 retiring as a Sergeant. He now resides back in Nova Scotia and has undertaken the project of creating a veterans society in Lorne, NS.









Afghanistan War | 2001 – 2014

Over the duration of the Afghanistan war more than 40,000 Canadians would serve in the region. This was the largest deployment of our troops since the Second World War. The conflict lasted more than 12 years— the longest in Canada’s history.

Starting in December 2001 Canadian special forces soldiers arrived in Afghanistan. In 2003 Canada begins contributions to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) as part of Operation ATHENA.

In 2005 Canada assumes leadership of the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team, followed by Canadian lead Operation MEDUSA, the largest Canadian combat operation since the Korean War.

Operation ATTENTION begins in 2011 as Canadians start to train the national security forces in Afghanistan. This continues until 2014, when Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan ends.

Family Farm History


Originally from Holland, liberated by Canadian Soldiers and immigrated to Canada after WWII


Original land owners are friends to the Bowen family


Plans to incorporate their family history and land into this venture


Sellers are proud to be contributing to the welfare of Canadian Veterans and now helping soldiers who once helped them


Pictou County has a long standing history of large contributions to the Canadian Military







The vision of Real Canadian Recreation and the plan going forward.

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